Welcome to Dario de Judicibus' Free Resources

This site deals with resources and add-on's that I developed for my favorite commercial, shareware, and freeware applications. You can freely download and use all packages included in this site for your personal use. You can also freely distribute them according you respect the following rules:

All packages have been developed by me for my personal use. Every package contains a ReadMe1st.txt file. Please, read it before using the resources of the package you downloaded.

In some case (skins and themes), I used some graphics from movies, cartoons, and other copyrighted sources. In all those cases I have added the owner of rights in the ReadMe1st.txt file. Since those resources are not intended to be used for any other usage but personal one, I assume I have not infringed any legal constraints. If that is not the case, please, contact me by e-mail and I will remove the package or the file from my site.